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20 July 2002 ... Hair

So. Finally took the hair cutting plunge...


18 inches of hair

And Now

4 inches of hair!!

I love it. *big grins*

So, that's what me and SO did today. :) Nancy cut the hair off, using this comb-blade thingee. tug, tug, tug and there goes another lock of hair. lots of hair. and then she evened everything out. And then she styled it with some mousse. And then I nodded and grinned that I liked it. And I think SO was impressed as well.

Straight home and straight in the shower. Gonna save on shampoo! I let my hair air dry. And I like it even better, laying natural and combed forward. Bangs are funny, but I'll get used to it. And I suppose I'll have to worry about pillow-hair, now, too?

I feel like a new me. New and Improved. :)

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