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3 August 2002 ... Fragments from the Static

So, apparently the "New and Improved" me writes about as often as the "Old and Unimproved" me. bah! Even if I have nothing to say, I could make something up, right?

I would like to share my poem with you...

A glass half empty.
"Half Full," you say?
Ha, I say: Soon to spill.
An empty glass
        laying in a puddle.

hehe. Yes, I know, it is a brilliant poem and I wrote it all by myself!

Oh! And did you know that my brother is famous?! A program he wrote was featured in Lockergnome! wow. Read the review, Lockergnome, 07/24 and check out his cool POP Peeper, a little email program which, of course, you Must get! :)

Oh! Did I tell you? I've found my next "winged things" notebook! I haven't bought it yet, I've still got a month or so before I fill up the current notebook, so I have some time. Design for Bird.


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