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18 July 2002 ... Names

You know when you are introduced to someone, and then the next time they talk to you they say, "What's your name again?"

And then they add, "I'm so bad with names."

When I was a kid, I noticed that pretty much everyone said that. And that was when I decided that people are stupid.

(Actually there were other factors contributing to the stupid people thing, but today's entry is about _names_, okay?!)

People aren't really bad with names. They are just too damn lazy to remember your name.

And so, in an effort to not be stupid myself, I make it a point to remember people's names.

For instance. I started my current job about 15 months ago, there's 26 employees there and I was introduced to quite a few of them on my first day, as I was given the grand tour. On the second day, as I was walking in, one of the ladies teases me, "So do you remember everyone's names?"

I answer, seriously, "Yes." "Really," she says, "What's my name?" "Betty." "Wow."

No problem. Names are important, after all.

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