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30 June 2002 ... Random Update

So, I've been having continuing problems with the computer crashing. Nothing to keep me from computing but an annoyance, nevertheless. The suspected hard drive problem has cleared up, so my latest theory is that the computer is over heating.

One of these days, I'll probably have to go somewhere and buy a fan or two. But I'm too lazy to do it right now.

I've been working on the site design for my never-ending Reading Journal project. I'm not working very seriously: what amounts to about a half hour of dicking around every week or so. I've got a basic layout, but I am not happy with my graphics.

I despair. I don't have enough talent. And I am rusty. Some days I am wishful that I was more of an artist. sighs.

The guinea pig Girls are doing well. They love their floor time, but can't be out for too long because they still don't understand that they're not supposed to pee on the carpet.

Tess of the pink ears. Eternally nervous, she hates to be touched, but holding her, she'll usually sit quiet and let you pet her. Careful, tho, sudden movements and she'll JUMP! heh. Close calls on dropping her.

Tegan of the forehead rosette. Doesn't mind getting pets, but can't be bothered to be held for very long. Must run around and have fun. And then, suddenly it's nap-time.

For some crazy reason, I always get the urge to be a bit more social around this time of the year. In the past two years, I have made trips for Fourth of July, to Colorado and to Washington D.C. There won't be any fire works around here this year, due to the fires in our state and drought conditions and such.

Reading. Um, actually, I just finished reading a few books and haven't bothered to start any new ones. Isn't that crazy?! Finished, Taltos by Anne Rice, Fearless Creating by Eric Maisel, and (finally) Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll.

Things I wish I could buy and have right now:

  • System fans for computer, of course.
  • a Palm hand held.
  • a new digital camera with flash and zoom lens.
  • Some machine that laminates stuff.
  • a bigger home for the piggies that's easy to clean. (so far, impossible to find. boo.)
  • a pillow chair for my computer area.

I think I should update here more often. Wouldn't that be nice? But I am in that huge group of people who always talk about the changes they are going to make but nothing ever gets done. ;)

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