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16 June 2002 ... Tee Shirts

I love tee shirts. When I venture into the outside world, I am always wearing a tee shirt and jeans. I have white tee shirts, black, blues, reds, a few other colors. Most of them are white, tho...

My tee shirts must say something. It's boring if it doesn't have a picture or design on the front! People come up to me and comment about my tee shirts. I think that is cool.

  • I am currently wearing an old ratty tee shirt, cause it's Sunday and I've been doing cleaning. It's faded black, holes in the armpits. It's got a silver pic of Big Ben, the London Tower, and a few other buildings, across the bottom it says "LondonLondonLondon". My dad bought me this. And I have been to London.

  • Black, National Aquarium shirt. Fishies! My Mom and Dad got this for me when they went to Washington D.C. recently. I went a year ago, and the Aquarium was my favorite.

  • Aqua, Ripley's Baseball Card shop, from Athens, GA. Not my shirt, given to my by SO.

  • Maroon, Sister Machine Gun. Another one given by SO. This one is really thick, high quality material, I like to wear it in the winter.

  • Black, Hard Rock from Honolulu. I bought this one myself on a trip to Oahu when I was a teen.

  • Two black Star Trek, Next Generation shirts, one with a Klingon Bird of Prey, other with a Romulan War Bird. Next Generation was my favorite. These were both Christmas gifts.

  • Grey, Extraterrestrial Highway. Bought this myself on our little impromptu trip to Rachel, Nevada in Dec 2000.

  • Hot pink, Puerto Rico shirt. My Dad got me this one when he was working down there.

  • Red, Rainbow Restaurant, Fort Collins. I worked there during my college days.

  • Black, Colorado Rockies shirt. Originally belonged to my brother. It's wonderfully soft and I wear it around the house pretty often.

  • Blue, Phoenix Zoo. I bought this in October 2001, when my parents and brother came visiting.

  • A Blue shirt with dolphin design. This is one of the very old shirts. It's getting kind of ratty. I have no idea where this shirt came from. :)

  • Grey, Northeast Missiouri State University Horsemans Association. The first college I attended. I went to all the Horsemans meetings, but don't remember actually doing anything with the group.

  • White, Hill's Science Diet. Obtained this when I was working at the vet clinic.

  • White, IFAW, Campaign Against Cruelty. One of those free things you get in the mail to make you guilty and send them money. I didn't.

  • White, Humane Society Noah's Ark shirt. This came after I sent the Humane Society money. I actually got two shirts... the other was the H.S. logo... but it got cut up in the ambulance after my car accident.

  • Grey, dolphins with "Ascension Island". My Dad got me this one and it is beautiful. Ascension Island is in the south Atlantic.

  • An off-white, radio shirt, 103.7 Bulldog, an Athens, GA station. Given to me by SO. I listened to this station and 99x when I was living there.

  • White, shirt... times three. These were all free when I signed up for various things when was just getting started. I no longer surf this site, tho. They dropped all my favorite topics because they weren't making enough money. damn them anyway.

  • Pale green, Kwajalein Island, embroidered with fish. I love fish! My Dad got me this one, this is in the North Pacific, an atoll part of the Marshall Islands.

  • White, southwestern design with horses. A gift from um someone.

  • Dark blue, Honduras Air Base. From my Dad, Honduras is in Central America.

  • Dark olive green, Pandas at the Smithsonian Zoo. I bought this one on my trip to Washington, D.C. Lots of people comment about how beautiful this shirt is.

  • Red, Quail Run Ranch tee shirt. Just a small logo on the front. From my summer work there during college.

  • Black, X-Files. The front says "Trust No One" and the back has a big pic. SO gave me this one. It's another of my favorite tee shirts.

  • Black, Lipizzaner Stallions. I bought this on my Colorado trip, in July 2000.

  • White, "No Place Like Home" Smithsonian Institute. Another one I got on my Washington D.C. trip in July 2001. This one is huge on me, shows animals from the whole world. I like to lounge at home in this one.

Wow. Lots of tee shirts! I think this entry could have been sub-titled "A History told by Shirts". heh. Tho the history is almost as much where my Dad has been, as where I have been. :)

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