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5 July 2002 ... Fourth of July

yay fireworks!

The whole of yesterday was spent not accomplishing anything, instead being full of anticipation. Hanging around, watching a movie on tv, reading a bit, watching more tv. heh, what a waste of a day off. On the other hand, I did enjoy seeing parts of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Ghostbusters again.

SO and I left a little before 6:30. I made him drive, which was horrible of me because his van is in the process of falling apart, but I was so nervous about the traffic. We got there, and we have our choice of parking spaces... I was amazed that there weren't a million people there already!

People were setting up in a greenway, still plenty of space left there as well! We picked a spot and spread the blanket, weighed it down with my backpack. Walked away to play frisbee.

SO is an expert at frisbee. He always throws it right at me, I just have to reach up and pluck it out of the air. When I throw good ones at him, he can catch it from under his leg, or he'll let it spin on his finger and toss it up and let it come down and kick it back up with his toe before he finally catches it.

I am absolutely delighted watching him catch. 'Course, I am not so good. He tells me how to do it, and having a bit of natural athleticism, I can throw him some good ones. But then one I throw will go off at a right angle, towards those nice people over there... "INCOMING" SO shouts. I cringe, terrified that I'm going to hit someone. Never do, but I wimp out on my next throws, not putting any power behind them and they all land in the dirt about half-way between him and me. heh.

Fun. When I start to feel my arm getting tired, I go sit down and SO plays with a boy who was watching us. The kid was way better than me, no pizzaz in catching, but threw great.

SO finally comes and sits with me. Wipes off the sweat with a towel I brought. Goes and buys me an icecream. Goes and buys more water. Finally just sits with me. We don't talk much. Kiss a lot.

Watch the people around us, the kids running around, playing with balls, someone has long ballons that they blow up and let go... they make such a delightful noise as they deflate and fly up so high in the air. When they go flat, they fall to the ground and kids grab them and bring them back to be inflated again.

I am happy to sit with SO. Watch the sun go down. Look straight up and see the handle of the Big Dipper, eventually see the other stars. At 8:35 it's dark and the fireworks begin. I watch them, leaning up against SO. I'm grinning. I love the little bright ones that go BOOM. And the ones that blossom, then split again. Lots of rings. Some fireworks blossom half blue or red and half white, a neat little split down the center of the sphere.

Grand Finale and I think I'll be happy forever. :)

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