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6 January 2002 ... Thoughts of the Day

I have now decided, in my infinite wisdom, that resolutions are dumb. yes, indeed.

In the past couple of days I have spent about 100$ and have plans to spend more. I am apparently taking a break from writing in my notebook. And what were those other resolutions? Bah, does it really matter?!

I am reading, tho. Right now I've got bookmarks in six books and I'm actively reading three of them. I bought a couple more, too.

little ficus branch
The little ficus plant in the living room has loads of new leaves sprouting from it. Because the roommate watered it excessively when I was gone over xmas. Happy ficus.

It's a warped little plant... The nursery cut it's main trunk, for whatever strange reason, and now it kind of sprawls out in different directions. It would have made a good bonsai, probably, but it's much too big now.

guinea pigs!

And the guinea pig kids. Aren't they ever so cute? Tegan is on the left, sleeping. Tessera is keeping a watchful eye. smiles.

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