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1 January 2002 ... Happy New Year

It's time for some more resolutions. It annoys me to do this, because everyone is doing the resolution thing and I hate to be ordinary and I hate going along with the crowd, too. But I do love new things, so here we go.

  • Reading
    Last year, my resolution was to "keep reading". No problem. *cheri pulls out her common place book* ... I have read 32 books this year, quite a few magazines and eBooks, and I took 19 B&N classes. Man I love to read. :)

    • for 2002 Keep reading! (oh, I am so predictable) And see about finishing some of those old B&N classes.

  • Finances
    Last year my resolution was to get a job and get out of debt. Well, it took a bit to get a job, and in the meantime I built up a huge and seemingly unmanageable debt. But I did get a job, and still have a job. And I did pay off the part of the debt that was earning interest. So I'm not terribly bad off, after all.

    • for 2002 Pay off at least 50% of the debt. But don't worry excessively about it: Set aside some money to enjoy life, buy the occasional book, go see a movie.

  • The Web Site
    um. Well, you may have noticed that the web site has kind of fallen by the wayside. That is sad. I had big updates planned that I never got around to. I wanted to keep this journal going. The S8 journal had only 71 entries in 2001, compared to the 117 I had in 2000. sighs.

    On the other hand I did get my (quote, unquote) art gallery up. Course, I haven't done anything with it since it went online. bah.

    • for 2002 Try for over 100 journal entries. And do something with those damn libraries.

  • Writing
    Last year I wrote over 400 pages in my notebooks and for 2001 I wanted to complete five, 100 sheet notebooks. Done! All five notebooks... 500 pages of writing. Yipee.

    Then the 71 S8 entries, plus about 200 other Internet postings. Hey, it's a lot of writing.

    • for 2002 Um. I don't think I want to do six notebooks next year. How about another complete five. That's approximately 10 pages of writing every week, which is what I've been doing and I feel pretty comfortable there.

  • Other Future Stuff
    I don't expect to get all or even any of these things in the next year. I just want a list of some of the stuff I need...

    • For Home... I would love some book shelves. And a rack for my CDs as well. Does the chair I envision in front of my computer exist??
    • For Computer... I seriously need some software upgrades. The latest version of my desktop publishing program. The next version of Paint Shop Pro, whenever it comes out. Also need to pay for some of the small programs I use, like AtomTime.
    • In the way, way, far off future... I would like to start riding horses again. It's expensive and can't be in my budget for at least the next two years. But I still think about it.

Course there's a million other things I could/should be doing to improve life... Drink more water, exercise, finish some of my projects, be more tidy, etc, etc, etc.

Yeah, whatever.

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