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22 November 2001 ... Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

So. There hasn't been any chocolate in the house for several weeks. A point I am not very thankful on. Oh, sure, there's some mocha. And some chocolate ice cream in the freezer. But it's just not the same. Hersheys! M&Ms! I need something substantial!

And then, the one I cohabit with, went and bought some peanut M&Ms for himself. Now, I don't particularly like peanuts in my chocolate. So that bag of M&Ms definitely belongs to him.

Except for the fact that he left the house.

And left the bag in plain sight.

I had to pass that bag of M&Ms several times, on my way to the kitchen... where I opened the frige door and decried the lack of chocolate there.

So I ate some of his M&Ms.

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