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14 November 2001 ... Intro #2

My first entry for this online journal occurred in June 1998. But my first web site happened long before that. I'm not exactly sure when I started, I didn't keep any backups.

I do remember I made all the classic "first web page" blunders. I stole clip art and modified it for my own needs. I used frames. I had obnoxious backgrounds. Hey. It's a stage that everyone has to go through!

Anyway. Back then I collected midis, wavs and mods (another music file, similar to midis, except mods were usually original music). And that's what my web site was about. I offered a few of my favorites for download.

I cringe when I consider other people's copyrights. I cringed a little, back then as well. It just didn't feel right, offering other peoples art from my site.

So I re-evaluated. I thought about what sites I enjoyed, and what sites I visited every day. Mostly it was message boards and newsgroups. I visited them every day because they had new content, every day. So. What if my site had new content every day as well?

And so, the birth of my online journal. Of course, at that time, I didn't know what an online journal was. I had never heard the term, and I had never seen anyone else's OLJ either... And there were a few around, the beginnings of the community. But I didn't know this. And I didn't quite know how to label my web site...

From August, 1998: And then how in the world do I describe this place anyway?? ... "Stupid sites that might be mildly amusing if you happen to be really bored"

heh. Eventually, I got it all figured out. Tho I never joined the journalling community, I did realize what fun it is, reading other people's writings. So I kept mine up.

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