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25 November 2001 ... Music

So anyway. Significant Other says he's "enhancing" his music section, so let's talk music.

He likes to make lists over there. I would make lists. Unfortunately I've got this big problem with Priority. Lists imply that one song is number one, another song is number two, and so on. Me, I think everything's important. And there aren't any shades of importance in my little weird world, either. heh.

My most recent acquisition was the new Garbage CD, BeautifulGarbage. ho hum. My initial reaction was "I'm unimpressed." But I figured, after I listened to it a few times, it would grow on me. Well, that has not happened. In fact, every time I listen to the CD, I get ever more annoyed.

The tunes are average. There's a couple songs with catchy tunes, Shut Your Mouth, Androgyny, possibly Cherry Lips. But a couple "catchy tunes" do not a Garbage disk make. And the lyrics are not that great either. The very first song has the word shit on it eleven times. What the hell were they thinking?

Well, whatever. It's an okay cd, necessary to complete the collection. But it's a distant third to the first two Garbage albums.

uh, huh. Did I not just get done saying that I can't prioritise? ha. Hey, I can be a creature of contradictions, if I want to be.

And in other news. I've been working on the web site. Making a few, behind the scenes, changes to my HTML. In the beginning, you see, I put all my tags in upper case letters because that made it easier to pick the tags out from the rest of the text. Well, these days, some people want to get ever more picky about HTML. Which means tags need to be lower case. And you need to close out your paragraph tags and your line break tags and your image tags.

Fun stuff. Also time consuming. I've re-tagged a few of the major pages on my site. Now I just need to track down a verifier to make sure I'm doing the right thing...

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