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10 November 2001 ... Intro #1, Me

Well. I've been gone and generally "not here" for so long, I feel like I should start over and do this thing from the beginning (like I never did at the real beginning).

And what happens at the beginning? You introduce yourself. You tell a little about yourself. You say why you're doing this. That kind of thing. So here it goes.

My name is cheri. I am female, 28.5 years old. I live in the desert, Arizona USA. In real life, I am the quietest person you will ever meet.

I am a writer. I don't consider myself a "real" writer. I am a journaller. I write every day in my notebook, it has become a part of my thought process. I enjoy writing. I think maybe, one day, I will get back to real writing, stories and articles and such. But I don't worry about it.

I am not an artist, tho I wish I could be. I have small talent, but I do enjoy sketching and doodling. I don't do it very often because I am never pleased with the results.

I am not a web designer, tho I have played with my share of page designs. I used to have fun working the HTML and graphics and layouts. Again, I am never satisfied with the results. shrug.

I live in an apartment with my boyfriend. Except he is more than just "boyfriend," so don't be surprised when I refer to him as Significant Other or Life Partner or something important-sounding like that.

Incidentally, he updates his web page a lot more faithfully than I do mine. Two cautions: a) His site is reading intense. b) He likes to get carried away over there, so he's pretty much guaranteed to offend you. Here's his site, Overnight Guy.

I also live with two companion animals, Tegan and Tesser, guinea pigs. They are about four months old. Tegan, who has a rosette on her forehead, is the outgoing one, bold and friendly. Tesser, with pink ears, is the shy one, she's nervous about every little thing. Yes. Their personalities are completely opposite. Funny, huh?!

I am a vegetarian. Primarily for ethical reasons. Secondarily for environmental reasons. I am a member of PeTA.

I have a collage education. I have a Bachelor's of Science. I majored in Equine Science and had a minor in Computer Science. I might do it differently if I had to do it again. Maybe.

My major hobbies include reading (science fiction with a few text books on animals, astronomy or computers), journal writing, and surfing the Internet.

Are you bored with me yet? We'll get to the "Why are you doing this online journal thing" part next time, I think...

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