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11 October 2001 ... Headaches
Yeah, I wake up with a headache this morning. It's not too bad, but I have this feeling that it's going to get worse. Yep, 'bout 11 o'clock it starts getting worse. I decide to wait until after lunch to take any pills, because it might just be a lack of food.

So, it's 12:15, about a half hour since I've eaten. And my poor head is worse. In fact, I'm pretty sure that if I jiggle my head a little bit, my eyes are going to explode. I sit down and take some of those nice extra strength Excedrin.

My mom turned me on to these things about a year ago. I was probably complaning about how whatever current pain pills never even touched my headaches. This Excedrin stuff has both aspirin and acetaminophen in it.

And caffeine.

Now, I'm not sure exactly how much caffeine they put in them. But I remember one time, I downed two Excedrins with a coke. A little while later I was all, "ahh. I loooove you! I loooove this job! It's such a cool little job! I love my life! ladedadadada!" Boing, boing, the static girl bounces off the walls.

Don't worry. It didn't last long. Which is good. I'm sure that going around hugging people would have ruined my stand-off-ish, get-away-from-me-you-stupid-people, reputation.

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