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5 October 2001 ... Another Update
Hm. I kind of like this color.

Okay. So. What's up? Not much, really.

Work has been slow for the past two months. I mean Slow. But they haven't laid anyone off yet. And tho a few people have taken half days, the company hasn't asked anyone to leave early without pay. So that's cool. And it seems like business is trying to pick back up. So that's even better.

On the home front. I've been reading. A little bit. I should think about updating my book list page on my site. But I've been thinking about doing that for about a year now. heh. Actually the entire web site needs a serious over haul, ya know?

My current, semi-serious project is to learn Tarot. I bought a deck years ago and never did much with it. When I saw Barnes a Noble University offering "Tarot for Beginners", I immediately signed up. After the class, I went and bought the book (from B&N, of course :) and I'm still going through it.

I am not terribly serious about the Tarot... I'm not one of those people who needs to sleep with their deck under the pillow or whatever. But it is interesting to me. So far, I've only done spreads for myself. I think I'm getting the hang of it. I'd like to know the cards a little bit better, tho, before I do reading for anyone else.

Other stuff. I plugged in my wacom tablet about a month ago. With much trepidation... in the past the tablet has been the straw that breaks my camel's operating system. But, so far, so good... I haven't felt the need at all to go to a command line and type "FORMAT C:"

So, I've been playing with my wacom. Doodling. Don't worry, I will restrain myself from torturing you with the results. heh. For today, at least.

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