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2 October ... an Update
Okay, well, enough of that. Time for something new, I suppose.

  • The obligatory comment on the 9-11 attack.
Yeah. Three weeks ago today. Things seem to be getting back to normal for most of us. My thoughts are with the families and friends of the 6,000+ who were killed. And I'm sending good thoughts and strength to the workers who are still digging through rubble. That has got to be a terrible job.

The workers are coming in from all over the States. They work for a week and then they are flown home. Can you imagine how exhausted they must be after that week? I hope you'll keep them in your thoughts as well.

  • The guinea pigs.
I now have two guinea pig babies. yay. They are females, both kind of an orangish tan and white. Tegan has a rosette on her head, just like Adric did. And Tesser has beautiful pink ears. The piglets are very cute. Pictures will follow, as soon as I get a roll developed.

  • Um. What Else? Oh, site design.
It's not really there, huh? I just needed a change and have not been up to doing any real design type work. I may keep it. I hope I move on to more exciting things, but I have trouble every time I sit down to play with a new page design. Trouble, in the form of creative block. bah.

See? A whole month goes by and I still have nothing to say. ha.

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