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5 August 2001 ... Blank Books
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Like most journallers, I have a plethora of blank books. Not that I write much in them, lately. But they are there...

A couple of bound, hard backs. Which are a complete pain to write in, I am used to being able to open up spiral notebooks and write on a flat surface. But I bought them because they had a pretty cover.

One of them is blue with dolphins leaping. It is my story snippets book. The first entry is dated 31 July 1999, the most recent is 27 Jan 2001. There are all of eleven pages written on. heh.

The other hard bound book is green and multi-colored and has a collage of water lilies and designs and quotes on its cover. The book says "Dream Journal" but I use it as my commonplace book, listing all the books and short stories I've read. I started this journal in the year 2000 and I'm about 1/3 of the way through it.

All my other blank books are spiral bound. One is dedicated to things I want. Another is my semi-daily "To Do" list. My "Idea Book" is for more important lists... Movies I want to buy, books I want to read, notes of on-going projects.

I've got a good stack of unused blank books as well. A couple have un-lined pages, and I would love to fill them with sketches, if I could just motivate myself. Not sure what to do about the others, but it's important to have extras on hand. :)

I am also looking for some specific blank books. I am going to start a "Plant Journal" soon and would like a spiral bound with green or tan pages, with a painting of leaves on the cover, and maybe designs of leaves on the pages as well. I'll probably never find something that specific... Wouldn't it be cool if I could take the time and make my own blank book? I wonder if Kinko's does double spiral binding.

And, when I get a companion animal, I think I would like to start a pet journal. Just thinking it would be nice to have my animal stories all together in one book. This idea came from the Purple Ink website, Blank Book Ideas, which has got lots of other uses as well, so be sure to check it out.

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