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4 August 2001 ... Music
When I heard that Michelle Branch song for the first time a couple months ago, I kind of perked up. Here was a brand new female singer. But I was not overly impressed with the song.

Since then, I've heard the song played 6 or 8 times on the radio... And it's kind of growing on me. I think I'll definitely buy the cd when it comes out on the 14th... The Spirit Room. heh, then again, I've got quite a wish list brewing over at Amazon.

I got out my Mp3s today. And being overly sensitive to copyright, here lately, I felt a bit guilty. But, I went through my Mp3 list and the truth of it is, that either I own the cd of the songs or my roommate does. And that goes for probably 90% of my Mp3s. As for the other stolen songs that I listen to: I plan on buying the cd eventually.

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