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6 June 2001 ... Shoes
I never tie my shoes. Which is to say, when I take my shoes off, I don't untie them. So putting them back on, I just slip them on and keep them tied. The shoes are about a size too big for me, so it's pretty easy to do. I get big shoes on purpose, just like I prefer loose and comfortable clothing, so too my shoes.

I re-tie my shoes about once a year. It's amazing that I remember how.

I hate shopping for shoes. I have exactly four pairs of shoes right now.

  • My work shoes are black canvas with white rubber toe and fat white laces. I wear these pretty much all the time in public, and they are starting to look scummy. ie, the white laces and rubber: not so white anymore. I bought them over the 'Net and will probably buy the exact same style as soon as I get some money.
  • A pair of black canvas slip-ons for doing laundry or making a mail run. These, too, are a size too big and it's easy to walk right out of them, so I don't actually "run" in them. :) These are even older than my work shoes and are very much worse off. I will never get rid of them, tho, because Adric chewed the holes in them.
  • I've got a pair of generic Keds. Again, black canvas, this time with black laces. I wear these if I feel like dressing up. Which is never, so these shoes are in really good condition. heh.
  • And finally, the black heels. I think they are ugly as sin and highly uncomfortable. I had to buy them for a wedding and I will never wear them again. I intend to throw them in the clothing donation bin, if I ever get around to some spring cleaning around here.

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