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26 May 2001 ... Used to
You know. This place used to be a lot cooler. I used to write more often. I used to have more of a side bar over there. I don't know what happened to that. Took too much time to update, I suppose.

The side bar was pretty extensive... In the "White Noise" box, I used to list the book I was reading, music, the classes I was taking at the B&N University, what project I was working on, what I wanted today, and "today's chaos". I've still got my "Quote" box, but "cheri Says" has fallen by the wayside.

So. Let's play catch-up...

Yep, quite a bit, actually. A couple of free eBooks, at work I read my pile of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. And every once in a while I will sit down for a weekend and read an entire novel. Last weekend I re-read one of my favorite classics, DreamSnake by Vonda McIntyre. I love that story. And speaking of, I really, really need to go and update my book library here. It needs an overhaul. Especially since I seem to be reading again on a regular basis.

Listening to
For the first month of work, I had my car radio tuned to the local 80's station. It was okay, I like the music better than the rap-infested rock of today. But the morning DJ on my 80's station really annoyed me. I think that living with WC, a former DJ, has jaded me to the bland, boring and stupid DJs on the radio today.

Anyway. So I grew tired of the 80's and I switched to an Alternative station, The Zone. DJs are slightly more entertaining, and the music is much more acceptable.

And in the home CD player, I've been on an Adiemus kick. The music is beautiful and relaxing and cheerful and just puts me in a better mood.

I took "Introduction to Programming," thinking I wanted to get back into doing some programming. But it was lame, having been an "okay" programmer in college, I am way more advanced than any stupid Intro course. :)

"The Brain and How It Works" was more interesting. And now I'm taking "Understanding Poetry" and "Intro to Classical Music". They both sound fascinating to me. Unfortunately, tho the classes are mostly over, I haven't read a single lesson. I've been downloading the lessons as they are given, so I will get around to reading them sooner or later.

Current Project
I have all these plans for myself, things to learn and do. But I have not been following through, lately. bah. But, this weekend I should have plenty of time to work on a new books page for the web site. I think I'm going to go ahead and revamp the design on that page as well. It's a seemingly pointless activity, since no one ever visits any of my libraries, but it's important to me since I enjoy reading so much.

What I want today
WC tells me I need to relax. Perhaps I am taking the world a little bit too seriously. I read my first SARK book. (I think I should have listed this fact above in the "Reading" section... but then there would be no Static without Chaos, huh? :) I wish I was more like SARK in my writing: colorful, playful, inspirational. Her book made me smile.

Today's Chaos
I keep waking up at 2am, and the little sleep I get after that is very light. I don't enjoy sleep deprivation and getting plenty of sleep is important to me. But I am okay at the moment, I'm drinking my third cup of fake coffee. The results of which is all this writing. smirk.

My quote in the side bar hasn't been changed in ages.

You should keep on painting no matter how difficult it is... unless it kills you, and then you know you have gone too far. Alice Neel
It's a good quote and it amuses me. I promise I will change it next time. :)

cheri Says
Today it would be

Donkey Says: "Look at my eye twitchin'!"
Laugh. WC took me to see Shrek yesterday afternoon, and we enjoyed the movie muchly. I can't wait to buy it and see it again.

Okay. I think I'm done for the day.

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