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2 June 2001 ... Journal Writing
I wish I could go on official hiatus here at the Static8 journal. But every time I start writing an entry I am saying to myself, "This typing is fun, I should write here every day!" And the next day comes and I think, "You know, I just wrote yesterday, so I don't really have to write today." And the next day, I just plain don't have anything interesting to say. And the next day after that, I don't have time and I still don't have anything to write.

But I write in my notebook almost every day. My New Year's Resolution for writing was to fill five notebooks this year (or the equivalent of 500 loose leaf pages). I broke it down into 10 pages a week. No problem. Occasionally I write more. Occasionally I write less, but I always make up for it the next week.

I aim to write everyday in my notebook. It's easier to get in my 10 pages that way. But in reality, I usually only write 6 days a week.

And for the Static8 journal, ideally, I would like to have three or four entries every week. heh. Last month I had a total of seven entries. I am really sucking at this online journalling thing. The problem with writing at S8, is that I know it's public. My notebooks are complete drivel, but on S8 I at least try to have something interesting.

Not that I succeed very often. :)

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