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23 May 2001 ... Work Smells
Last week, work was so incredibly slow that my delusions of grandeur got a hold of me. I started implementing my plan to take over the company. Step one, find some silly thing to do in a desk in the art department. Step two, make the people working the computers in the art department like me. That was pretty hard. But I got it done, and now I have an open invitation to the art department, both from the ladies who work there and one of the managers. yay.

But now, my plans are on hiatus because I suddenly have a lot of signs to make. That's fine, too. I don't mind life in my little tactile room.

Today I came home, got undressed, stepped in the shower, turned on the faucet. Nothing came out of the faucet. I was very disappointed. I like to get rid of that "work" smell as soon as I get home.

I smell of vinegar and latex. We clean the machines at work with vinegar, and even though I always put on those disposable latex gloves, I tend to clean with enthusiasm. So I end up splashing vinegar all over the place.

The strange thing is, I have a very weak sense of smell and I usually can't smell the vinegar at all. Even when I'm face down, scrubbing with the stuff. But I can smell the latex, even hours after I've taken the gloves off. And I don't like the smell of latex. Funny, huh, after two years working in a veterinary clinic I should be used to the smell.

Years ago, I worked as a wrangler and my hands constantly smelled of leather... A product of handling saddles and sweaty horses and holding reins as I rode all day long. I like the smell, but it made me uncomfortable because I am a vegetarian.

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