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16 May 2001 ... Bah
Bah, I say! What do you write when you have nothing to write about? Damn writer's block. (Not that I believe in writer's block, to begin with, but damn it anyway!)

Here. How about a list. Lists are cool.

  1. At this moment in time, I am tempting fate by drinking a can of Slim Fast which has been dented. I will probably die of botulism. And I never understood the Slim Fast deal, anyway... This is not a "filling" meal, folks. A can of this stuff won't even tide me over for a snack. But it does taste pretty okay, even my botulism-infested can.
  2. The new computer. hm. Well, I can say it mostly works. It's not perfect, but I'll work on it some more this weekend.
  3. And I really like how my new keyboard feels. Except I keep hitting those obnoxious "windows" buttons inbetween the Control and Alt keys. That's a bit annoying. But it's okay, if they annoy me too much I'll just pop those evil keys off and throw them away forever.
  4. um. Not really. I never throw anything away. You should see the crazy stuff I keep stored in my closet boxes.
  5. Work. Has been excessively boring. I actually made no signs on Monday and Tuesday. Zero. And everyone is complaining about a lack of stuff to do. But, I haven't been sent home early yet, and I haven't been laid off yet. Good things.
  6. And I am disappointed. I thought I would have more to write about here when I started working again. Instead, the entries are few and far between. I can't complain about the stupid people at work, because they are all pretty smart and interesting people. Nothing really exciting happens there, and I have too much to think about to worry about what to write when I get home.
Bah, I say.

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