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10 May 2001 ... Fiasco the Second
Well, I got ambitious this afternoon and decided to play with my new computer. Fiasco II... Officially born at 6pm this evening. One minor hitch the first time I turned him on: I had not seated the video card well enough and the computer really hates to run without a monitor. Fixed that problem and on to the more important things.

Format and first install of Win was a flop. We had a little blue screen at the very end of the win install and we were generally unhappy after that. Second format went very much better and at 8pm I heard that first Windows chiming thing. It was loud. cheri turns down the speakers.

So, I've got some speakers. I made the LAN do it's thing. And that's about where we stand at this instant. I can't decide what's more important to install next: Paint Shop Pro or my Earthlink 'net connection. Heh.

So, I'm going to shut it down for the day. I am happy. I've got lots to do this weekend. After the all-important graphics and internet software, I've got files to move off the old computer and then install the office software and the desktop publishing stuff. And the graphics tablet and the scanner. I will be thrilled to get those back again. And then I've got a million projects that I started a year ago which have been on hold while Fiasco the First was dying... Learning Flash, drawing with the graphics tablet, I've got a few more sketches to scan, learning Photoshop and Illustrator, etc, etc, etc.

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