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9 May 2001 ... Computer Stuff
Ah, the weekly Static report. I know: I am a worthless journaller and it is amazing that you guys keep checking back here for new entries. :)

So, I finally received a new motherboard for the new computer. I got it on Monday, actually, and I have yet to install it. Mostly, I really don't want to. This computer company has completely jaded me. I figure there's a pretty good chance that I will put the motherboard in, and the computer still won't work. And, you know, putting a mb in is not a minor deal... there's lots of little wire-looking thingees and they all have to go in their own spot and things get weird if you make a mistake. ;)

And even if the new mb does work, there's still the issue of formatting my c: drive and re-installing all that mess. It takes time, folks, even when you don't have to re-format a billion times, and I just don't feel like wasting an afternoon on something that may disappoint me in the end.

cheri's optimistic side shows -> On the other hand, you may be reading a journal entry this weekend that was typed up on my new system.

And the pessimist -> It's more likely that I will have a 1500$ hunk of junk, and I will have to go on a killing spree. Starting with some idiots working for a computer company... evil laugh.

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