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3 May 2001 ... Braille
Things have been really slow at work for the past week or so, and by about 10 o'clock this morning, I had absolutely nothing to do. My partner in crime is over there cleaning stuff. And I decide I'm going to learn braille.

There's this big book that has the letters and many of the words that we print on the signs we make. I copy down all the letters. Then I start working out the codes that braille makes. Instead of writing out the whole word, letter by letter, there are some substitutions... For instance, the word "care" is spelled "c>e" in braille, with the > standing for ar. And my name, cheri, is spelled "*]i" in braille. Heh, looks like I'm trying to censor out the cussing. ;)

Anyway. Figuring out codes kept me occupied for a good while. Then I had to go make some more signs.

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