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29 April 2001 ... Layoffs Comments
The latest WC commentary is about Layoffs. Now, as a person who has been laid off twice in the last five months (tho I do still have my current job, yay), I really have to agree with him that layoffs are bs. It seems like every day you are reading about companies that have laid off thousands of workers. I decided to check this out... I went through all my InfoBeat emails I have gotten in the past week, and sure enough: the "Technology" section is really looking like the "Layoff" section.
  • Monday, 23 Apr. Okay, no layoffs on this day in the headlines, but Tuesday is a doozy.
  • Tuesday, 24 Apr. Compaq cuts 2,000 more jobs bringing the year total to 7,000. And a company based in Stockholm is planning to cut 15,000 jobs.
  • Wednesday, 25 Apr. JDS Uniphase cuts 5,000.
  • Thursday, 26 Apr. Earthlink is cutting 900 jobs.
  • Friday, 27 Apr. A company based in Munich cuts 3,500.
And just think, this is just another average week this year. Not to mention these are just the headlines, there are probably all kinds of smaller companies dying off and laying off as well. Isn't it a scary thought thinking of all those people who have lost their job and don't have anywhere to go?

What are the consequences going to be? There will be possibly thousands of laid off people in the same city, all looking for similar type jobs. In a few months, when their savings start to run out, they'll start getting desperate. Maybe they'll take a huge pay cut and get into the service industry... suddenly IT and Telecommunication people are going to compete for jobs at restaurants and entry level medical positions. But they'll still be looking for a "real" job, because they are used to their old salary.

How about more serious consequences? Some of these people are bound to turn to a life of crime. Will robberies occur more often? How about more people going postal? Maybe just more simple suicides?

Just something to think about.

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