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15 April 2001 ... Save the World
I think everyone wants to save the world. Of course, we soon realize it's impossible, and everyone has a different vision of a saved world. Here's my version...

It all begins with World Peace. Unlikely, I know, but you have to start somewhere, right. World peace not only includes nonviolence towards other humans, but also towards animals, trees and plants, and the living earth. No more violent crimes, of course. Everyone is a vegan, not killing or abusing animals for anything. We will plant more trees than we cut down. Everyone recycles everything and landfills are a thing of the past. As we figure out the recycling thing, we will be able to handle space exploration with more finesse than we have in the past. We will have self-sufficient colonies on the moon, and eventually other places as well.

Now, at the rate we're going, the living earth is going to die a slow and ugly death. Our idiot president wants to drill for oil in Yellowstone, and has gone back on his promise to reduce CO2 emissions?! Not to mention his other idiot ideas. There's nothing I can do about that...

But I can propagate my ideal world in my own life, tho there's always more I could be doing. I'm a vegetarian, I could be a vegan. I make sure my car is maintained, the next car I buy might be one of those cool little gas-electric hybrids. I could do a lot more recycling...

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