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21 April 2001 ... Job, Details
Okay, okay, here I am, updating at last. I'm sure all my oh-so-loyal readers are dying to know if I've managed to keep the new job. Yes, to that detail. Here are some more...

I have my own desk! Cool, huh? It makes me feel important. I should bring some stuff to work and decorate or something. :)

The job itself: I make signs. You know, those little signs that have your name that go on your office door, and those signs that say "Restrooms" or "Elevators this way" or "This is room number such and such." I make lots of signs. It's pretty fun, too, because I get to double check the art work and complain to the art department when they make a spelling mistake. And I get to move around a lot, I'm a busy person, you know. I've got three or four different stages of sign-making going all at the same time. And at some point, I'll learn braille, because most of the signs have braille bumps on them.

It's a cool job, I think. Partly because it doesn't really feel like work. I actually get to sit down and do a little bit of desk work. And if I don't feel like sitting, I can go and play with the machines, or run an errand or something else.

On the down side... the machines are temperamental to me. They start acting all weird on me, and then the sign I'm trying to make comes out funky. Bad Machine! And also, the signs are made out of these sheets of steel. The steel is paper thin, and they give the most killer "paper" cuts. I've got half a dozen nicks in my hands, and boy, do they hurt. On top of that, I almost chopped off my fingers on the metal cutters. Yikes... All this in just one week.

I should remember to be more careful or else it'll be really hard to type after I chop off a few of my fingers. ;)

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