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8 April 2001 ... Public Service Announcement
One week to Easter, and I know _all_ my readers are compassionate human beings and would never, never buy cute little baby animals as Easter presents.

For some reason, people forget that they are dealing with living beings... They buy chicks, ducklings or baby bunnies in the "spirit" of Easter, and forget that they need care, and that they'll grow up and continue needing care for years to come. Many of those cute little impulse buys end up in shelters where, of course, they are humanely killed. Others will be set free where they will die of starvation or predation: these are domestic animals who require human care and are unable to fend for themselves in the countryside.

Also, please keep in mind that most birds carry Salmonella, which can be transmitted to humans by ingestion, through cuts and even by inhalation. A mild infection resembles the flu, however little kids are more susceptible and a major infection can lead to a rather painful death.

Getting a companion animal should be a personal decision, and an animal should never be given as a gift. New owners may not bond with a gift animal like they would bond with an animal they spent the time and energy to pick out themselves.

I'll get off my soap box now, because I know you would never impulse buy a living creature and you would never let your friends impulse buy either. :)

Outside Links:

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Covers more of the cruelty side of combining small children with small animals.

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