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5 March 2001 ... Me, Complaining
Bah, what an awful day! I wake up and I still have a cold. Gotta love that.

Then I'm going out to run a couple errands. I open up my car and I hear this popping cracking noise as I swing open the door. I get out to check, and find that over the weekend someone slammed their car door into my front panel. They left white paint, the panel got warped and no longer fits... So when I opened the door, the door mashed the panel, and some rather large bits of my car just fell off.

Nice, huh? And there's no one to be mad at: even tho there's a white scrape on my car, I'm the one who actually did the visible damage. Arg!

The pills I took in the morning had absolutely no effect on my cold symptoms. Except I've got this loud buzzing noise in my head.

About 1:30 in the afternoon, I realize that my temp agency isn't going to call me back, which means I didn't get the job that I interviewed for on Friday. I am disappointed because it seemed like a really cool company. Plus I am ready to quit this job searching bs, jumping through all of their stupid hoops is getting old, very old.

But, now it's evening. I went for a walk with my roommate, and did not wheeze overly much. I took a long hot shower and didn't worry about my soap because someone who likes me bought me some more. And now the cold medicine is finally starting to kick in. And even tho this entry is just me complaining, it does feel good to have something to type about again. :) heh, the Sophy Burnham quote, "When you have nothing to say, you write anyway, if only to keep in practice," is becoming my mantra.

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