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7 March 2001 ... Observations
Complete randomness. I feel like writing, okay?!

There's this dog I keep seeing in the morning. A benji-looking mutt, wiry, scruffy, tan colored fur and a tail that curles over his back. He's got a collar and looks friendly enough. But when I turn towards him, he bolts off.

I love the song of Mourning Doves. They sound so peaceful. When the world is quiet and you hear their call, it's like they aren't even breaking the silence, but enhancing it.

I own the hardest bed money can buy. Hard beds are better for your back. I've hurt my back a couple times in my life. I know chronic pain, and I am extremely grateful to live without it.

It's raining today in the desert. It's lovely. Grey skies, rain falling, cool breeze, probably mid 60s. The sound of rain and that's about it.

I re-read Ray Bradbury's Zen in the Art of Writing: Releasing the Creative Genius Within You. I don't know why I keep reading that book. Tho it comes highly recommended, I find the essays pretentious and not at all inspiring. On the other hand, the book is short, has a very attractive cover (never judge... ;), and of course the author is a prolific genius, so there's definitely something to be learned from the reading.

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