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3 March 2001 ... Boring
My roommate came home with a cold the other day. I've started to sniffle already and am trying to enjoy my last few hours of being able to breathe. By tomorrow I'm sure I'll be moaning and groaning and generally wishing I was dead.

I've finally found a good temp agency who is going to get me employed. I've already turned down one assignment (too far away) and had an interview on Friday for a good job. So it looks like my idling days are about over. darn. But income will be nice.

I've been neglecting this place lately, and this writing once a week thing, just isn't going to cut it. But look, at least I've been consistant: last month I had journal entries on the 1st, 7th, 14th, 20th, and 27th. ha. I just haven't had much to say lately, I guess. And still don't evidently, as this entry is getting progressivly more boring.

I'd better close before I bore someone to death! It could happen, you know. And then the family will see this dead person, slumped over the computer, with my web site on the screen. They'll read it and say "My God! This is the boringest drivel I've ever read!" And then quite possibly they will drop dead as well. Eventually someone will figure it out and then they'll sue me for killing at least two people, probably more. Which is going to be a problem, see, 'cause actually I don't have a job so it's going to be difficult to get a lawyer to represent me.

And my lawyer will probably just be one of those nitpicky people who says stuff like, "You know, 'boringest' isn't a word. You should say 'most boring.'"

Anyway. Dear reader, you should probably stop reading now, because pretty soon my lawyer is going to require warning lables for the "most boring" site on the net.

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