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27 February 2001 ... Soap?
And! The number one reason why cheri needs a new job? She's running out of soap. Now, the literal reality is that my last four bottles of soap are in their last stages of soap-dom. "Four Bottles?!" you say. "Four bottles and she says she's running out?" That's right. I'm running out, in cheri-land this is a highly volatile situation.

You just don't understand, do you? You see, I like to have choices. Lots of choices! Taking a shower is enjoyable to me. And my soap choice depends on my mood, and what I'm doing, and what I'm doing later, etc, etc, etc. And I am down to just four soaps.

It's distressing, Okay?! And I just want more soap. I want more green soap and purple and blue and yellow green, and that pretty blue green that last time I got in a huge, huge bottle but now it's down to dribbles practically! I've still got a half bottle of my Body Shop lavender soap, but that's my favorite and I only use it for special occasions. My favorite every day type soap is the Herbal Essence stuff, I like all the different flavers of that. I never use bar soaps anymore.

So. I'll have to go get a job now. If only to support my soap habit.

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