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19 February 2001 ... Random Photo Entry
Cheri's sleeping area
My bed. The digital camera doesn't do justice to my beautiful quilt. My Grandma made it for me, and I love it. Bunny Da-ya and PePe the Pound Puppy live on my bed, and usually get to sleep with me.

Next to the bed is my little night table. I've got my notebook there, a sketch pad, about 70 pens of all colors (!), a couple books and a couple more blank books.

Baby Basil
Baby Basil

My little plants are growing like crazy. Except a few hours after I took these pictures, I opened the window and the breeze made one of the babies unhappy. opps. But I think he'll be okay. He's just going to lean over like a little drunk plant. :)
Baby Parsley

My frog. Actually he's glass and has a hole in his back for a candle. I think frogs are pretty cool.

Zelda is fun!
Ha. Remember this image? Gods, the original Zelda game came out, what... 15 years ago? Amazing. And here I am playing it again on the computer. Download it for yourself... Zelda Classic

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