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15 February 2001 ... Poor Dead Fiasco
Remember Fiasco? The computer I bought last summer and have had constant problems with ever since? Well. I sent Fiasco to the computer company to be repaired in January. Mind you, this was the second time I've sent it back for repairs. Fiasco came back to me today.

The lovely UPS lady dropped it off this afternoon, and I was quite pleasantly surprised to get it back so quickly. Except when I picked up the box I heard a rather ominous rattle. I opened up the box and the next ominous sign is that the computer is not packed properly. I pull the computer out of the box, and find that the front panel of the case has a big crack in it.

Cheri grits her teeth and proceeds to open up the case to find the rattle. The CPU fan has disconnected. That's the rattle. It takes me about an hour to determine the extent of the damage... The CPU was not connected either, possibly damaged. The power connectors for the fan were broken both at the motherboard and at the cable. There was a problem with the front power switch, I think it was permanently "on" probably due to the packing problem. Not all of the LED and switch cables were connected, and the ones that were, were in the wrong order. And there might have been a problem with the video card as well, but who knows with all the other problems.

I was mad. If my roommate wasn't trying to take a nap in the other room, I would have thrown a screaming sh*t fit right there. I was so mad, I couldn't even think about what I was supposed to do next.

I talked to the roommate and decided I wanted a new computer Right Now. I tracked down the phone number and called the company. "You'd better pull up my file, because I've got some major complaints..." I didn't even get through half my list and the guy says, "Okay, can you hold?"

It didn't take too long. The guy promised me a brand new machine. I complained some more, seeing as how this will be the third time I have to send poor Fiasco back to them. He promised me an upgrade, from 700mHz to 850. I said fine, plus I want a new keyboard. Yep, I'll get that, too.

So. That's the end of Fiasco. The very end. He'll be disassembled and most of him thrown out. Sad, huh?

But now, Fiasco's heir has been conceived. What's he going to be like? Will he have the same problems, like some kind of genetic disorder? Or will he be a perfect gentleman, and dedicate his life to helping me? I wonder what his name is going to be...

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