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14 February 2001 ... Romance with Words
Happy evil v-day everyone! Bah, hum bug!

A prompt from Bonni Goldberg's book, Room to Write.

You probably have a vivid and early memory of encountering words, spoken or written, that profoundly affected you... it was the beginning of your romance with words.
heh. In the beginning, a romance it was not. It was the number eight. I had problems with spelling as a child. At school there was a weekly test of 10 or however many words. If you got one wrong, you had to write the correctly spelled word 100 times... during play time. So while all the other kids were playing with blocks and clay and crayons, I was writing each of my spelling words 100 times. I usually missed quite a few words every time and rarely got to play with clay. It probably stunted my creative abilities. :)

Anyway. I was studying for the big test. The word eight got me every time. I just couldn't spell it. I remember that morning, before going to school, mom still going over my spelling words. I think I had most of them, but I was so frustrated with "eight."

Of course, I spell it fine now... But it wasn't so long ago that I was still using tricks like "broken eggs are useless" for "beauty." And I still haven't figured out that "I before E..." business. I noticed a while ago that I spelled "February" wrong in _every_ instance here on my website. Corrected, now, but I still can't believe that no one noticed or no one bothered to tell me. I think I have a handle on "definitely," but still have to look up the word "furniture."

Thank the tech gods for spell-check, right? I just need to remember to run it every once in a while.

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