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7 February 2001 ... A Computer Story
In the middle of the damn night, a sound wakes me up. I'm laying there, trying to figure out what this sound is and then realizing that the sound is coming from my computer, which I left on overnight. I sit up in bed, look over at the computer, and by the light of little LEDs I can see the CDROM is opening... closing... opening... closing.

Extreme terror strikes my heart. Opening... closing. You just don't understand how scary that is! I jumped out of bed, crash landed in front of the computer, turned on the monitor, find there's no programs running... CD opens and closes a couple more times. I am just plain confused so I just plain turn the computer off. I go back to bed, but I'm not sleeping well, anymore.

This morning I boot up... CD opens and closes a few times. It gets annoying very quickly. I put in a audio CD. I hear the first song, then the thing opens and closes a couple of times... then I have to hear the first song again. This happens a few times. I am beginning to hate Enya.

I tried uninstalling the thing, to no avail. Right now, the CD is open... it looks all the world like the computer is sticking it's tongue out at me. I am considering opening up the case and pulling the CDROM's power cord. uh huh... just try to open and close without any power, you temperamental thing!

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