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1 February 2001 ... Baby Plants
Baby Plants

Today I am plant woman. See these cute little plants? Today I transplanted them.

The taller plants at the top of the pic are basil and the two little itty bitty ones are parsley. The lower left mound of dirt was supposed to be oregano, but it decided not to sprout for me. So maybe I'll plant some more basil in that one.

I love to have growing things in my home. When I was a kid I definitely had a green thumb, anything would grow for me. I had plants everywhere. My aloe vera plant had babies, so I divided them up. My ficus bush out grew it's pot so I divided it up into five or six separate pots. I harvested spider plant seeds and grew a few of those. My impatiens bloomed and my pony tail plant looked cool.

Somewhere along the line, plants started going to plant heaven. I lost my plant-happy touch. I killed a bunch of plants. Seriously. A bunch. I've still got a few bomb-proof plants, but mostly they just die.
Cheri makes a big mess on the kitchen counter.

My baby basil and parsley plants are my latest attempt to get my green thumb back. So far, so good...

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