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27 January 2001 ... Bad Science
Today I was surfing the science sites...

Over on Bad Science website, I learned that the Coriolis Effect has no effect on how water drains out of your sink or toilet. Supposedly, water in the Northern Hemisphere drains counterclockwise. Well, I checked it out and the Bad Science guy is correct... the water in my toilet goes down clockwise, the water in my sink goes down with no swirl at all. The Coriolis Effect is very small and only effects things over time... such as hurricanes.

Following the links, I found myself at Bad Astronomy. And learned that I am actually well versed in this science. So I didn't actually learn much here, but it is gratifying to find someone else that agrees with me about the asteroid movies: Blowing up an asteriod does no good, you've still got all that mass and energy coming right at you.

But, the Bad Astronomy site is a good one, covering a lot of misnomers and misconceptions and other interesting tidbits. The "dark" side of the moon, the ongoing debate over whether Pluto is a planet, the proof that the Apollo missions were not faked, and of course all the little errors in movies and tv and news. Fun stuff!

Well, anyway. I like to learn new things. And I make a pretty active attempt to do so every day. I am subscribed to Cool Fact of the Day ( has gone down.) And more recently, A Word a Day. I also use eTour (eTour went down and was taken over by Jeeves.) to find cool sites that interest me (like the Bad Science site above). I've got (which went to "e-commerce" and is no longer so interesting.) and Suite 101 to keep on top of my interests as well.

What have you learned today?

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