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17 January 2001 ... Creative Slow Down
Things have started to slow down around here. Don't think I haven't noticed! I just can't seem to get motivated this week for whatever reason. But today, I decided to pick myself up again. No big deal.

You have to start small. I started with a shower and clean clothes. Then I cut my hair. I ate a meal. I ate a vitamin. Instead of another coke, I'm drinking a big glass of water.

Next step. Look at the stuff I have already accomplished. I've read four books since xmas. I've written about a page a day in my journal. I've considered the job situation. I've been working on an art gallery to add to my site. I am currently taking four classes at B&N.

Next, I convince myself that I am not a slacker.

Hm. Maybe I should go do something...

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