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1 January 2001 ... Resolutions?
Welcome to the New Year!!

Resolutions, anyone? I started on a whole big list of them. And then decided to go back and see how I did on last year's set. From a year ago, 1 Jan 00, the over all theme was to "Be true to myself" and I think I've done a pretty good job. So, here's last year's list and what I think...

  • Reading Yep, I've done some reading. Tho, truthfully, I've not done as much reading as I wanted to. I've still got a big old box full of books I've not read yet.

    • The renewed resolution for year 2001: Keep reading! Make a dent in that box of books.

  • Quit the job Heh. I think I went over board with this resolution. I worked less than five months this year. But you know, I worked very hard to get the savings it took to get me through my jobless bum stage. Unfortunately, things haven't worked out in the end, and I am now jobless and pennyless and in debt. But that's okay.

    • My resolution for this year is to get a job, maybe even a "real" job, pay off my debts and start a new savings account.

  • The Web Site I am pretty proud of how my site has evolved this year. I bought my domain last January and moved my site in April. I've gone through a couple design changes and I've updated much of my site to reflect the new standard design. It does take a lot of time and energy to maintain a site as huge as mine is, and I was not able to take as much time at the end of last year due to my job. So, I've got a bit of catch up to do, updating old pages and such.

      For the New Year:
    • Update old pages -- the library, the quotes site, the Chicago and Iowa pics added to the travel log.
    • Keep up with the journal!
    • Possibly join more webrings and advertise the different sections of the site.
    • Think about some new sites -- I have many interests and can expand my site to reflect more aspects.
    • Most importantly... work on an art gallery to display my drawings. I got a scanner for Christmas from my wonderful brother and I have had plans for a gallery for years.

  • Writing Yep, I've done some writing. I'm on my fifth notebook which means I have written well over 400 pages in the year 2000. I wrote 117 online journal entries here. Plus approximately 100 journal entries on other sites. Hey, you know what? That's a lot of writing. :) I also joined a writing/creative community, tho I have not been active there lately.

    • Next year? Let's see if I can beat the 2000 writing stats...
    • And as a side note to the writing thing, I would also like to focus more on drawing as well. I don't have much talent with drawing, but I do have several years of practice behind me, no sense in letting that go to waste. I don't need to draw every day, like I do my writing. I just want to keep it in mind, do doodles in my notebook, do doodles on the computer, do the occasional full page drawing.
So, basically, look for a flurry of activity on this site for about a month or so before it dies into the usual boring ho hum. :)

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