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21 December 2000 ... Prompt: Old TV
Ladeda! Christmas Time! *Grins* I am having fun making little snow flakes! fun, fun.

So. I sat down to type something here earlier today. And nothing came out. So I went and visited a few sites with journaling prompts. It was interesting to page through them. There were silly, one-liner, type prompts. There were thought provoking prompts. Then there were the confusing prompts that were meant to be simple... Such as "Hometown?" um. I was born somewhere, I moved several somewhere elses, I now live in the desert but haven't lived here long enough and don't like it enough to call it my "hometown". You see my confusion.

I never did find any prompts I wanted to write about. So here I go making up my own damn prompts again.

Does anybody remember that show "Transformers"? I can still sing you the theme song, that was a cool cartoon. How about "Forever Knight", "Beauty and the Beast" "Thunder Cats" "Strange Luck" ... "Millennium" but that was not so long ago.

Probably my favorite shows when I was younger were Dr. Who and Star Trek. I was dedicated to the Original Series and was not terribly happy when The Next Generation of Star Trek first came out... I didn't watch the pilot episode in protest. But later, I fell in love with TNG. I've got the entire 7th/last season on tape, plus all the "best of" episodes. I've not been very interested in any of the other Star Treks... DS9 got boring after a while, Voyager got difficult to find when I moved a couple times and didn't get the right channels on tv.

And Dr. Who. Nobody's heard of Dr. Who, of course. It's an old British sci fi show, the doctor has a time machine and he goes around with his companions trying not to screw things up too much. heh. I just wish the Sci Fi Channel or PBS or some station had enough guts to start showing Dr. Who in the States again. Heck, I'd be sitting there with my VCR taping every single one of them.

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