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2 January 2001 ... Iowa Pics & 'Puter News
I visited my family in Iowa over Christmas week. I had lots of fun as usual but didn't take many pictures. Instead, you get two kinda pretty ones instead of lots of ones you don't care about. :)

Pretty winter trees
Iowa has lots of snow, which made me happy, since my home in the desert doesn't really get that cold. My Grandma lives out on a farm, which is very cool. I got to go sledding and snowboarding out in the back pasture. I'm getting better at the snowboarding thing, sorta. The cows followed us down the hill a couple times, I think they wanted some sleds, too. :)

Winter barns
I am very grateful to everyone for all the cool Christmas presents I got, too. :) I've been having fun with all the gel pens I got. I've got big plans for the scanner when it arrives. I've got new music, new movies, new books, new clothes. A blender. The strange new Rubix cube I got looks suitably evil.

And in other news, I am again playing with the new computer, Fiasco. Those damn idiots over at PricePC have ignored me for months, with my pleas to fix the computer which crashs constantly. I decided to experiment on it.

I plugged it into my brand new surge protector (thanks Grandma!), hooked in my old monitor... and it works fine. bah. Yes, it's great that it works, but is it only going to work for a month again? It just makes me wonder. A lot.

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