May, June 1999

1 May 99 ::: Rambling Website :::
Gosh, I love it when I actually have something to do! As you can see, I've been working on my website again today. The idea came to me around 6am this morning. Now complete around 7pm this evening. And, no, I was not working straight through, I had a few distractions. Like going back to sleep after my very early morning inspiration. heh.

And so I am now wondering... I am doing so many updates on the design around here. Maybe I should go buy a book that will teach me more about coding websites. I know nothing about style sheets or about java. Tables and frames are about the extent of my HTML knowledge. I am always on the lookout for something new to learn about... Unfortunately I have this bad habit of not following through...

5 May 99 ::: Singing :::
I'll let you in on a little secret. I like to sing. Sure, right? Everybody likes to turn up their favorite song and sing along. Especially in the car where no one else can hear you!

Today I am singing along with Alanis Morissette ("Thank U" and "Joining You") and Garbage ("Temptation Waits" and the entire CD!).

So anyway, I almost wish I had gotten some voice lessons when I was picking electives randomly in school. These days I would be entirely too self conscious to sing in front of anyone! Tho I am occasionally caught whistling a tune or two at work... :)

9 May ::: Sunday Morning :::
I love Sunday mornings. The world is quiet and I am online and drinking my mocha. It's really amazing what can be found on the net when you have a direction to go but you've got the whole day in front of you. You can follow links randomly and there is always something to be found.

I recommend Sunday morning Surfing. Maybe I will make it a new section here. Or maybe not... :)

11 May ::: B-day :::
Happy Birthday to Me.

15 May ::: Stress :::
So, here I am on my latest health-type kick. I have determined that there is too much stress in my life. Now, there is nothing I can do about the actual stressors. But there is plenty I can do about deflating that stress buildup, right?

The first thing to do is to take care of the body. My body definitely lets me know when there is too much stress: I feel tired all the time, my shoulders hurt, etc. So, you've got to eat right and get some exercise. Well, I can't be bothered to eat "right"... I'm already a vegetarian, what more do you want?! :) But the exercise part I can do, for a week or two, until I get bored with it. After that I will have to get some more stress so that I can decide to be more healthy again.

Then you've got to take care of the brain, too. Like doing the journal thing, reading for fun, taking a little mini vacation, that sort of thing.

With all this self-improvement crap going on around here, hopfully I won't be going postal on everybody. It might be better to stay out of my way for now, tho. :)

18 May 99 ::: Bad Web Design :::
cheri is busy being irritated today: More rants about bad web design.

Here I am, surfing, minding my own business, downloading random files. Suddenly, I realize my current download is coming from my own Internet Server. I think "hey, cool" and go to visit this kid's home page.

Groans. Its been a while since I have been exposed to a really bad homepage. I try to ignore the small red and blue text which is all but invisible on the black backgound. Only about half the links are dead. But at the top of the page it says: "Be sure to download the fonts for this page. Otherwise, it won't look as good."

cheri shakes her head. Do people not realize how stupid they are, or do they just not care?????????

29 May 99 ::: Shrug :::
Oh, I know, I know. I haven't been updating this section for the longest time! But Look at all the cool little changes that have been going on around here. A new banner, a new side bar, new link characteristics, updated the archives... Okay, granted all this stuff is entirely superficial. I just haven't been inspired to add any words here lately for whatever reason. <shrug>

30 May 99 ::: Focus :::
Believe it or not, I actually spend a lot of time playing around with my web site. My imagination tends to go a little bit farther than my skills. Which is as it should be, that is the only way to grow and improve. So, I get this new and improved Idea for my home page. And I spend hours upon hours trying to implement it. I am in a "zone" and tend to ignore such trifles as physical comfort and meals.

I almost wish I could re-direct some of this focus and energy into other things. I would love it if I could come up with an idea to paint and sit down for a day in front of a canvas. Or have a piano playing session to memorize Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Or go to the park and come home with a notebook full of sketches. Or even just do a little bit of creative writing. But, nope. I can't really be bothered with these things.

2 June 99 ::: Web Site Stuff :::
Yay! Be proud of cheri! Remember May 1, when I was talking about getting a book to help me learn some tricks to jazz up the web site? Well I got the book, Sams Teach Yourself Html 4 in 24 Hours on my birthday, May 11th. I read it, and I read it and Now I am done reading it! yay! I actually finished something! Sometimes I amaze even myself. :)

So next on the list is Sams Teach Yourself Javascript 1.3 in 24 Hours. Hmm. We'll see. This book looks a bit more complicated than the other one...

And, on a slight tangent... I am weary of the color scheme around here. The red blood to green growth was a good idea, but it is time for something new and different. Also I am thinking of taking down the Destruction and Creation pages. I just have not been inspired to update them on a regular basis. And then, too, as usual I have no actual direction, so it will probably be a good long while before I start working on a brand new site design. What else is new, right?

[Authors note: the Creation and Destruction pages have been removed since I wrote this.]

10 June 99 ::: Credit Cards :::
I was talking with one of my non-computer-owning friends today. He was warning me to never use my credit card on the Internet. Apparently he had seen a blurb in the news about a guy who was over charged about 12,000$ or something ridiculous like that.

Heh. Of course, it's too late for me. I've already spent hundreds on-line with my credit card. :) And anyway, you never hear about the other 301 billion dollars worth of stuff which was taken care of perfectly. Yes, people. The internet generated over 301 billion dollars of revenue last year.

The truth of the matter is, that using your credit card on the net is as safe as using it in the real world. Just be sure that the site you give your credit info is secure and double check their certificates if you want to be paranoid. :)


13 June 99 ::: 'Nother Site Design :::
Yesterday I had a new site design and said I loved it 'cause it was nice and simple. Well, I quickly decided that simple was boring. So, precisely one day later, we've got a new take on the site design. As usual, I love it. Don't know how long it will last, so enjoy it while you can! ;)

Do you ever get that feeling that there just aren't enough hours in the day? Man, lately, I just can't work fast enough to get all the creative ideas out of my head. Remember my "Project Page"? At the moment I have several of them going! I also went out and bought a little spiral notebook. It's about 5 by 7 inches big, pretty green and gold. I have named it my (extravagant) Idea Book. Each page is big enough for about two paragraphs of words, or a good long list. In my book I put Ideas that I am unable to accomplish right now, but would like to in the future.

I don't know where all these crazy ideas are coming from. I am just trying to keep up with them all!!

14 June 99 ::: A Death :::
A moment of silence, guys. DeForest Kelley, other wise known as Dr. "Bones" McCoy of Star Trek, the original series, has died.
Read the news.

17 June 99 ::: New Site Design :::
Well, today brings yet another site design. I do not know why I am obsessing about the graphics around here... Especially since it takes so long. If I have a very good idea of what I want, it takes about six hours to make all the new graphics and rearrange the HTML code. I am crazy, that's all there is to it! Even now, there is something totally new rattling around in the background in my brain. I am thinking about going into business, making some of my old designs available as Linkware or something! heh.

19 June 99 ::: Butterflies :::
Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect? It has to do with Chaos Theory: A tiny variation can have magnified effects elsewhere... A butterfly flaps her wings in China and a hurricane shows up a month later at Florida. Or so goes the theory.

The other day I was reading a blurb in the news about butterflies and global warming. Summary of article: A significant number of butterfly species are moving their territories northward, possibly because of global warming.

Hmm. I wonder how all those butterflies flapping fifty miles more north are going to affect our chaotic weather? Just a thought.

23 June 99 ::: Veal and Fur :::
Every once in a while people surprise me in a rather unpleasent way. Like the other day when my mom told me she went to this fancy restaurant and ate veal. Ate veal. Ate a baby cow who has been severely abused for all of his or her short life. gods. And it's not like you can tell your mom what a horrible human being she is for abusing and killing a baby.

And then there was the time when I was at work by myself when a lady walks wearing a fur coat. About 15 or 20 little dead mink faces staring right at me. I could not believe it. And again, I couldn't really say anything but that's okay... I kind of "accidently" over charged them about 80$. oops. heh.

24 June 99 ::: Comp Crash :::
You know, I just realized that I haven't complained about my temperamental computer for a while. It's not that I don't have complaints, really. It's more along the lines of I am learning to live with them. And truthfully, the computer has gotten a lot better since I formatted the C: drive (several times) at the beginning of the year.

I was surprised the other day when my computer crashed, out of the blue (pun intended, ref: blue screen of death). Again, my computer teaches me that all important lesson: Save File. Believe me, it sucks big time to lose several hours of work. Lesson learned... after several minutes of me cursing my own stupidity.


26 June 99 ::: Run Away! :::
Every once in a while, I want to run away. Especially when I am being unappreciated at work. And underpaid. So I want to run away. Just for a weekend. Just for a change of scenery.

Problem is, I have this little obsession called Computer. I could run away without my computer, I suppose, but it really wouldn't be as fun. I would love to have a laptop. Then I could run away. But of course I can't afford a laptop. And with my current job, I will never be able to afford a laptop. It's a tragic cycle, really!

I can't wait to move and get a new job in a new city someplace else. Basically, what it all boils down to is: I'm restless.


28 June 99 ::: Birth Marks :::
Little known fact about cheri: I was born with four birth marks. These days I am down to two. The other two kind of just faded away I guess. I don't really know when this happened. I can still kind of see them but only because I know that they used to be there. One that faded was on my thigh, the other was on my face. Interesting, huh?

And if you must know where the other birthmarks are... right elbow and tummy. I have considered getting a tattoo over the one on my elbow, making it into a dragon. But that seems kind of silly.

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