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15 November 2000 ... Bits and Pieces
The Job
They offered me a higher position at work. I asked How much money are you going to give me? They said, None. I laughed in their face and turned down the position. So I am still a lowly peon at the factory.

The Adric
Adric the guinea pig was sick for a couple of days. But he seems to be okay now. He is getting older, and he never really bounced all the way back from his illness last year. It saddens me to think that he will probably die sooner, rather than later.

The Vegetarian
Holidays just aren't a good time for us vegetarian types. Walking through the grocery store the other day, I noticed, in the frozen food aisle they had just piled up the dead turkeys in the bottom of the frige. Just think, each one of those bodies had been a unique being, who had lived a short and painful life.

The Car
Someone stole one of my hub caps. A while ago, someone had stolen the Honda emblem off my hood. I suppose if I live here long enough, my whole car will get stolen, bit by bit. Grr. And that grr is said with violent intent.

Oh, and side note. I am now driving illegally. I managed to go and get my registration revoked. It's a red tape matter which will probably cost me 50$ in the end.

Grr, some more.

The Static
I'm doing pretty okay in the writing department. I haven't written here every day, but I have written Somewhere every day. So that is good. Unfortunately, not so great in the other creative departments. I have been surfing the web design sites, and I am so jealous I can taste it. People put up great designs every week, beautiful and different and with exciting DHTML or Flash twists.

Arg. Where do they find the time, I ask myself. Where do they find the inspiration? I think, Man, if I only had such and such software package, I could do these things too. I could spend a fortune on the software I want, but would that really improve things around here?

And you know, I really do believe that the lack of excellent software is holding me back, creatively. But this is no reason to give up. I can keep playing.

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