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8 November 2000 ... Reading at Work
"Cheri," she says. Slowly but surely, the people at work are learning my name. Except for that one person who keeps calling me "Sci Fi." heh.


She flips over the digest that I've been reading at lunch and looks at the cover. "You sure read a lot."

Cheri smiles and says, "Yep." I had just been considering the problem. I am almost done with the current issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I am taking two classes at B&N, but they are not providing me with enough fodder to read, either. I don't want to bring a real book to work because the cover will get creased and dirty.

I am considering buying a small spiral notebook to bring with me and write in, instead of reading. But I don't know...

Spider Robinson: "you ARE writing, you're just not TYPING yet."

I have this voice in my head. It talks almost constantly. It is my own voice, yes, but also my writer's voice. It documents just about everything I do. "And then she walks across the room. In the hallway, nothing exciting happens..." How would you like to hear that all day? laugh.

But sometimes it has something interesting to say.

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