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6 November 2000 ... Words
Some days, the arrangement of words is so very important to me. The words fall into place easily and it is a joy to get them out of my head when I write them. They may not be perfect, but I can feel the power in them... Perhaps some small inkling of talent.

Yesterday was not one of those days. heh. I started writing without the words in my head. I just had a topic, and it started out okay. Well. At least I was writing something. But then I got to the "Why" part, and there were so many answers swirling around in my head that I couldn't make any one of them cohesive.

And I ended up calling everyone stupid. When really, I felt like the stupid one. Because I can't even get the words out when I want to.

But that's okay. Above anything else, I consider this journal to be a writer's journal. Some days I will have crappy entries. That does not concern me. It concerns me when I don't write at all.

I find myself wanting to recommit to my journal writing. Not just here, but in my paper journal as well. I don't know about daily entries here. But I will be thinking about the words to write through the day. We shall see what tomorrow brings...

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