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5 November 2000 ... Vegetarian
It's been ages since I have talked about my animal rights beliefs. In fact, skimming through my archive, it may have been years since I've talked. Sheesh, what kind of pathetic journaller am I, not even spreading my own propaganda around. ;)

I am a vegetarian. Have been for about seven years now. I am a vegetarian for ethical reasons. I believe that it is wrong for humans to kill animals.

I am pro animal rights. I am a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and I agree with many of their standings.

I am not an activist, tho. I do not bother the meat eaters around me. I laugh at their dumb jokes when they make fun of PeTA. shrug. It doesn't bother me in the least. Everyone has their own opinion, and I am not one for debating anyone out of their own hurtful stupidity.

Ooh. Did I just call almost 100% of my readers hurtful and stupid? Hm. That's a surprise, coming from this particularly bland and impersonal journal. Well, you know what? This rant will probably last only a few more minutes before I go back to bland. So you can deal with it, I'm sure.

See? I'm done now.

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