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29 September 2000 ... Goal
So, I finally decide to get my little car's oil changed. I had made an appointment the day before for 4:15, right on my way home from work. I get there, I sign the order. And I wait. And wait. The car is finally done a bit before 6, and they shove a 20 something dollar bill in my face. Excuse me?!

See cheri throw a fit. Mention 4:15. Mention appointment. Mention I Do NOT appreciate this wasted time.

See cheri get a free oil change.

Much better.

Today marks my one full week of updating this page daily. Yay, I have reached my goal. Even tho I kind of cheated on Wednesday.

I'm not sure if I will be continuing this every day trend or not. Well, next week I won't be able to because I am going on another trip. But in general, I meant.

The main reason I wanted to make this goal is because I have not been putting forth much effort lately. The whole reason I got this BS factory job was, one, to pay off debts and eventually have spending money. And two, to have a job without stress and without responsibility, I would be able to come home, fresh and happy, to work on my own creative pursuits.

And I got the stupid job, and for the last month, what have I accomplished? Nothing. I was not writing in my paper journal, I was not writing here. I haven't drawn anything in ages. I gave up the Flash and Web Design classes I was taking.

So, it was time for a change. And hopefully, writing here every day for a week is only the beginning.

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