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28 September 2000 ... Guns
My friend, Dax wrote an entry about guns a couple of weeks ago. It's still there and I'm still thinking about it, so I guess I will have to write about it too. :)

Dax talked about a guy in England who shot some burglars and was jailed for murder. Dax rails about this.

Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with jailing the guy. Hand guns are not allowed in England. The guy was not defending his life, he was defending his property... he would not have confronted the thieves if he didn't have gun-inspired confidence.

But we live in America. Guns are allowed here. Which is fine with me. I will never own a gun, and I will never be real life friends with someone who owns a gun. Why? heh, because if cheri has access to a fun weapon like that, there is going to be at least one dead human as result. And that is not something I want right now. But other people can own all the guns they want.

Guns have one purpose. To kill. And you know what? People going postal? That's just population control. Which is what we want. There are just way too many humans hanging around here.

Ages ago, I think it was Twilight Zone or something similar. All of a sudden all the people in the world disappeared except this one guy. The guy's office was empty. The street was filled with stopped cars, with no drivers. And everything was quiet. The show was about this one guy left who was freaking out because he's all alone.

I think about that show sometimes, because, to me, that would be heaven.

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